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Vaginal Rejuvenation in Frisco

Radio frequencies are a safe and effective way to treat many ailments such as tightening of the vaginal muscles, and urinary incontinence. The EmpowerRF harnesses this technology and several other proven methods for treating these problems and more.

Morpheus8 V

The Morpheus8 V is a device that is used internally to help start the healing process in and around the vagina and urinary tract. Radio frequencies stimulate the body to send collagen and other restorative cells to the area. The result is a healthy, stronger vagina that can correct urinary incontinence and reduce vaginal infections, to name a few of the many results.

Forma V

The Forma V handheld device delivers small pulses of radio-frequency energy to the target area, creating precise tissue heating. It stimulates new collagen production and tightens the internal structures of the vagina, improving sensitivity, lubrication, and appearance. The treatment is customizable and is tailored to your individual needs. our practitioners will work with you to create a treatment plan that best suits your body and overall goals.


InMode V-tone is an ideal treatment strategy for rehabilitating the pelvic and vaginal muscles. The V-Tone handpiece is an FDA-approved device that uses intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation to release pelvic pressure. It also strengthens pelvic floor muscles. The device helps in improving urinary incontinence and vaginal muscle laxity. Thus, it’s a great option for post-childbirth and pregnancy-related complications.


Labeled the "scarless labiaplasty" this handheld device delivers a minimally invasive procedure. Forma V is a great option for women seeking aesthetic vaginal enhancements and function restoration.

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